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    Sunday August 24, 2014
  • VIDEO: T.M.Revolution Unveils Pachinko Machine

    Machine features 19 songs going back to Kenshin ending "Heart of Sword"

    After being a fixture of anison for almost 20 years, singer/voice actor T.M.Revolution is getting his own pachinko machine, featuring 19 songs going back to Kenshin ending "Heart of Sword." Ahead of the Daiichi machine's debut, watch T.M.Revolution present the game after the jump.

  • Thursday May 22, 2014
  • T.M.Revolution's Nishikawa Voices Silver Samurai in "Disk Wars: The Avengers"

    The popular villain will appear in the upcoming two episodes

    It was confirmed yesterday on May 21 that T.M.Revolution's Takanori Nishikawa will voice Silver Samurai, a major villain who secretly controls Japan in the on-going Disk Wars: The Avengers. He also performs the OP and ED theme songs for the anime. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Tuesday March 18, 2014
  • T.M.Revolution to Perform "Disk Wars: The Avengers" OP&ED Songs

    Toei Animation-produced TV anime will premiere on April 2

    It is confirmed that T.M.Revolution will perform the OP and ED theme songs for the upcoming TV anime Disk Wars: The Avengers, Marvel's first collaboration TV anime series with Toei Animation (Dragon Ball, One Piece, PreCure). Hit the jump for more information.

  • Monday August 19, 2013
  • "Valvrave" 2nd Season Opening Title Revealed At Mizuki Nana Concert

    Nana's team will produce the second duet

    Mizuki Nana revealed the title of the second duet with T.M. Revolution for the opening theme of Valvrave the Liberator during her concert in Aichi while on her summer concert tour. The second duet will be produced by Nana's production team while the first duet in Preserved Roses was produced by Asakura Daisuke in T.M. Revolution's production team. More after the jump!

  • Sunday August 4, 2013
  • TMR And Mizuki Nana Team Up Again For "Valvrave" 2nd Season Opening Theme

    Another revolution on the way!

    The official Twitter account for Valvrave the Liberator has announced that the powerful duo of T.M Revolution and Mizuki Nana will be together again for the second season opening theme in October. See Nishikawa Takanori's reply after the jump!

  • Friday February 22, 2013
  • T. M. Revolution Shows Off Crossdressing Skills In Magazine

    Japanese magazine "Can Cam" featured TMR in spring women's fashion

    This is not the first time Nishikawa Takanori of T. M. Revolution has been seen in female clothing and his newest adventure is a magazine spread for a popular Japanese female magazine. Did he pull it off? You be the judge! Click for photos!

  • Saturday February 11, 2012
  • What does TM Revolution's Anime Backlog Look Like?

    Takanori Nishikawa queues up a pile of new and recent titles

    "It's already gotten to this point...I'm going to watch every bit of anime that has piled up!" Anime Mirai ambassador and singer Takanori Nishikawa (aka Ichigo-chan aka TM Revolution) confessed to his Twitter followers all the shows he needs to catch up on. Bump the jump to see what he's watching!