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    Saturday November 3, 2012
  • VIDEO: Tokyo Breathtakingly Captured in Time Lapse From the Skytree Observation Deck

    Second time lapse video from unofficial Gundam videographer Darwinfish

    When nothing new is happening at the full scale Odaiba Gundam statue, videographer darwinfish seems to turn his attention to capturing time lapses from the Tokyo Skytree - the 634 meter heigh second tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa. See his stunning new shots from the observation deck after the jump.

  • Monday June 4, 2012
  • VIDEO: Breathtaking Tokyo Skytree Time Lapse

    Plus a mecha-sized comparison chart

    With the full-scale Gundam statue reconstructed and opened to the public, videographer darwinfish has turned his attention to capturing time lapses of the Tokyo Skytree. See that and a mecha-themed size chart past the jump. 

  • Tuesday May 22, 2012
  • Tokyo Skytree Opens as World's Second Tallest Structure

    Colossal tower welcomes 200,000 visitors and an elevator glitch

    The opening of the Tokyo Skytree, located in Sumida Ward's Tokyo Skytree Town, attracted 200,000 visitors eager to check out the impressive new landmark. While the Tokyo Skytree may not actually be the world's tallest structure, the broadcast tower still looms at an impressive 634 meters. Read on for more.