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    Saturday March 10, 2012
  • Video Review: "Bodacious Space Pirates" by shotanime

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    Video reviewer extraordinaire shotanime is back! This time, she brings with her a fast-paced, ever-insightful review of the new anime series Bodacious Space Pirates. Did Rosalie love it? Hate it? Find out after the jump!


  • Tuesday February 28, 2012
  • Video Review: "Hunter x Hunter" by shotanime

    Plus, details on a new HxH contest for you to enter!

    If you are not familiar with the energetic spitfire of insight that is the reviewer known as shotanime, prepare to be dazzled at her penetrating analysis of the anime that is the new version of Hunter x Hunter. Also, the doors are open for you to now submit your own anime reviews to Crunchyroll News. Find out how to enter and win Hunter x Hunter manga after the jump!