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    Saturday November 26, 2016
  • Kids' Anime Villain Shows Sexy Side In Doronjo Cosplayer-Inspired Figure

    Nekomu Otogi's take on character has been turned into the latest entry from figure-maker FREEing's 1/4 scale series

    From 1977-1979, leather-clad blonde Hiroko "Doronjo" Sasagawa antagonized the heroes of Yatterman and excited the Tatsunoko anime's young viewers by occasionally bathing or losing her clothes to an explosion 20-year old cosplayer  Nekomu Otogi, recently married to Oh! My Goddess author Kosuke Fujishima, has starred in a photo series dedicated to the various incarnations of Doronjo - which has now been turned into the latest entry from figure-maker FREEing's 1/4 scale series.

  • Saturday January 23, 2016
  • VIDEO: "Dead or Alive 5 Last Round" Tatsunoko Mashup Costume Set Showcased

    Fighting game teams up with classic anime studio

    After last month's teaser of a Dead or Alive 5 - Last Round collaboration with venerable anime studio Tatsunoko that includes Ai-chan from Yatterman, with that series' Doronjo and the Yatterman Night version of the character, Gold Lightan, the leads for the new Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R and more, Koei Tecmo has now posted a preview. Get a look after the jump.

  • Sunday December 27, 2015
  • "Dead or Alive" Teases Tatsunoko Anime Costumes

    Also teased is Naotora Ii from Samurai Warriors

    At this weekend APM D-1 FIGHTING FESTIVAL event in Tokyo, Koei Tecmo and producer Yosuke Hayashi  teased collaborations coming to the Dead or Alive 5 - Last Round fighting game in March with an arcade lead in. A collaboration from venerable anime studio Tatsunoko include Ai-chan from Yatterman, with that series's Doronjo and the Yatterman Night version of the character, Gold Lightan and the leads for the new Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R.

  • Tuesday April 21, 2015
  • Plum Plans "Yatterman Night" Doronjo Figure

    July release follows June Japanese release of anime Blu-ray box set

    An unforgettable element of the Tatsunoko's Time Bokan franchise was its blonde, adult thief antagonists Doronjo, and before her, Majo. Last season's celebration of the series' 40th anniversary, Yatterman Night, flipped the script, presenting a nine year-old version of the classic villain. Timed to follow the June Japanese release of Night Blu-ray box set, PLUM has now launched pre-orders for a 1/7th scale figure of the young Doronjo ahead of its July release.

  • Saturday January 10, 2015
  • FUNimation Announces "Yatterman Night" Winter Simulcast

    FUNimation also announced a new sub-only subscription option for their streaming service

    FUNimation has rounded out their slate of winter 2015 simulcasts with Yatterman Night. The 12-episode TV anime series celebrates the 40th anniversary of Tatsunoko's Time Bokan series. The first episode of will premiere on Tuesday, January 13th, with subsequent episodes streaming shortly after Japanese broadcast at 10:30 AM EST/9:30 AM CST on Sundays, More after the jump.

  • Thursday January 8, 2015
  • VIDEO: SCREEN mode Performs "Yoru no Yatterman" OP Song

    4th single "Kyokugen Dreamer" hits stores January 28

    SCREEN mode is a two-member unit formed by 31-year-old voice actor Yu Hayashi as -YOU- (vocal) and music producer Masatomo Ohta as Masatomo (guitar) in 2013. Their record company Lantis has posted a short version PV for their upcoming 4th single "Kyokugen Dreamer," the OP song for a winter 2015 TV anime Yoru no Yatterman. Check the song after the jump!

  • Monday December 22, 2014
  • VIDEO: Nine-Year-Old Doronjo Shows Up in "Yoru no Yatterman" Preview and Visual

    Update, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Tatsunoko's Time Bokan series, coming in January

    Classic goofy/sexy villainess Doronjo gets decidedly younger as the upcoming Yoru no Yatterman anime has introduced her nine-year-old descendant in its new preview and visual. Get a look after the jump.

  • Friday November 28, 2014
  • Eri Kitamura, Hiroaki Hirata, Kenta Miyake to Star in "Yoru no Yatterman"

    Directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara (Aruvu Rezuru, Muromi-san)

    The official site for the upcoming TV anime Yoru no Yatterman announced the voice cast for the four main villain characters today. It will premiere on Tokyo MX as the 40th anniversary title for Tatsunoko Productions' Time Bokan series in January 2015. Check the latest information after the jump.

  • Saturday November 8, 2014
  • "Yoru no Yatterman" Anime Staff Rumored

    Young staff from "Muromi-san" plans to update the classic mecha-superhero comedy in a manner similar to "Gatchaman Crowds"

    Japanese anime blogs have begun reporting a staff listing for Yoru no Yatterman allegedly from an early look at the upcoming issue of the Newtype anime magazine. Previously it was said the plan was for the young staff from Muromi-san to update the classic mecha-superhero comedy in a manner similar to Gatchaman Crowds, and Muromi-san's Tatsuya Yoshihara is listed as director. More after the jump.

  • Monday October 27, 2014
  • Upcoming "Yoru no Yatterman" TV Anime Previews Updated Doronbo Gang Flunkies

    Modernized series planned for winter 2015

    The Yoru no Yatterman project teased last week is now confirmed to be 12-episode winter 2015 TV series celebrating the 40th anniversary of Tatsunoko's Time Bokan series. Along with this is a new visual featuring the modernized designs for Doronbo Gang henchmen Boyacky and Tonzura, working with the beautiful Doronjo to cause problems for heroes-to-be Gan-chan and Ai-chan. Get a look after the jump.