T.O Entertainment

T.O Entertainment, Inc. is a multi-faceted company producing various content, such as feature films, books, animation, documentaries and DVDs.
T.O Entertainment website : http://www.toenta.co.jp/index.html
T.O Books website : http://www.tobooks.jp/

The following lists a few of our achievements in animation since company start:

Strait Jacket : http://www.straitjacket.jp/
Macademi : http://www.macademi.tv/
Egg Man : http://www.mercator.jp/


What is Parkour?
Le Parkour (or « art du déplacement ») is for some considered as a sport, for other as a corporal art like danse. In Parkour every urban element is used for movement. This discipline was created in France and was manly vulgarised by the movie produced by Luc Besson Yamakasi.
This Sport is progressively spreading around the world and particularly in Japan...

The Kakihara Toshiyuki's Films:

Kakihara Toshiyuki's films are always between art and documentary. Simple in their Narrative, they always make you think about our own vision of the world. Objects of the every days life in japan, Place that every one pass throw.
He makes us feel a nostalgia of a world we never knew. Indescribable descriptions that make you value moment of your one life.

With Parkour it's an other dimension that Kakihara bring to us...
weightlessness, simply weightlessness...