UDON Entertainment is a Canada-based publisher of original comic books, graphic novels, and art books. UDON's best-known projects are those based on popular video game franchises such as Street Fighter®, Darkstalkers™, Okami™, Onimusha® and Mega Man®. The publisher's ever-growing library also includes English editions of Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwa titles, as well as the critically acclaimed ROBOT anthology series.

The studio also provides creative services to the entertainment industry producing toy designs, RPG artwork, packaging art and video game artwork. Its client list reads like a who's who of the entertainment business with names like Alliance/Atlantis, Capcom, DC Comics, Gamepro, Harmony Gold, Hasbro, Konami, Marvel Comics, Microsoft, Nintendo, Random House, Score, TDK Interactive, ToyBiz, Warner, White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast and Wiz Kids amongst others.

Company website: http://www.udonentertainment.com