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Hey guys,

After about 2.5 years of our daily posts to our fans, we will be moving to CR news.

We want to thank everyone who has followed us in the last couple of years and everyone who has contributed to our blog. We hope to fill your daily need through CR News and please continue contributing through their site.

-Dailybento Team


image via aibento

  • Methodman_88
    Soooo.... When's pulse coming back?
  • bassoonbg
    I was just reading a manga and cracked up when a character did the Asian Squat. I'd learned about that name and history from a DailyBento of course. Bring it back!!
  • bassoonbg
    I really miss Pulse/Dailybento. It was my second favorite part after the videos and the reason I'd make sure to pop on the site daily. Every day since I've been really sad. Bring it back!!
  • LynnTerra
    Soooo.. been over a month and no updates? Sad panda face time!
  • aaroncampf
    WTF MAN I cannot find any of the cool/stupid stuff like the pulse had. Its all mature stuff. I don't want news I want more cats sitting on a laptop!!
  • do1978
    Miss the Pulse!! CR News has too many articles to search for the fun stuff!
  • fademian
    Your post are amazing !! I miss the Pulse >..<
  • nofar2chan
    i search this CR Pluse. i am lucky that i save it in favorites.but maybe i am the only one who don't understand why they closing this which have so success, why they moving to CR News and leave CR pluse which more interesting, fun&entertain
  • dranicite
    i'll miss it it was the main reason i go to crunchyroll >.<
  • -SpiritedAway
    Devastation!!!!! ;-;
  • yehanrong
    go to 9gag guys! it's better & more fun than stupid dailybento.
  • bassoonbg
    This stinks. Pulse was the main reason I'd click on my CR link every single day. I didn't always have time to watch anime but I loved the images and videos Dailybento posted. This will hurt my daily usage of CR now. Bring it back!!
  • xgk3000
    kinda sucks now you can't post fun internet stuff only news
  • GathTheHitman
    lol I thought I may have been the only one who couldn't find a click-able link to Pulse
  • Naruto3142
    same said me