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  • PrincessThorns
    I like the Sleeping Beauty one... It's pretty....
  • crazy_wasabii
    beautiful artwork
  • kosafox
    the art is beautiful, that i have to agree on
  • Kareia
  • kurowa-san
    the sad thing is that the original mermaid had less on her body, just two shells
  • kasai-hi
    i thought they looked fat. maybe i know too many skinny ppl either way these girls r ugly
  • nageo
    The artwork is amazing, what talent. But oh my.
  • fleeingbynight
    I loved J. Scott Cambell when he did "Gen 13" but this is too much...
  • Purpleskyez
    They are all too skinny to be realistic. Dur.. But it's a drawing. Fantasy based drawing none the less.
  • lolo16
    nasty ho'ed girls lol wat horny man made this?
  • xingx35
    this was made way before magan fox was a well known star
  • Sarafimm
    I don't know about Megan Foxxified, but if that means they have huge eyes, a tiny nose, fake boobs and no clothes on then these are spot on! Fairy tales were actually moral "lessons" for children and the fairies were not nice at all.
  • ChibiPixelx
    i think the mulan one would be better cuz like... her boobs would be poppin out of the kimono and like, the obi does much but help keep the kimono on
  • merryhappy
    lets be honest, tinkerbell was pretty much a slut to begin with. but i feel bad for the snow white-that has got to be a tough outfit to wear around seven dwarves...icky.
  • yinfire
    Thanks for ruining my childhood for me. WAY too slutty. Ewww.
  • Sam4224
    beautiful!!!!! the artwork is amazing. the girls are a lil slutty but the artwork def. makes up for it
  • lily_flower_1992
    BWAHA!!! Couldn't stop laughing at the most of them XD But I have to say, these are very impressive art even tho they are a bit.... well... you know what I mean XD
  • Pocani3
    omgee...u people are all on about the children the chances are they wont be able to view this till theyre about 13 or something.... and even if they did they wouldnt be able to make sense of it....so stop worrying abot the godamn children =
  • kyemen
    in the remake of snowwhite we do have to worry about he eating the apple. disney new line of sluts, plus megan foxx is given to much credt. the work is awesome.
  • kaiyukichan
    the art is good but the pictures are way too sluty.
  • roxy142142
    the mermaid is a little tooo skinnny to be realistic but all around good drawings a little gross but good
  • videling
    I like it, it's reminde me the fact that the orignal fairy tale wasn't for kids at all.
  • maylin86
    This drawing style makes me wonder if the person that drew these characters also was drawing art for "Grim Fairy Tales" Magazine. I love this artwork style, and sadly to say, kids will be kids. They'll see it if they want to see it.
  • jstrider
    This is an amazing collection of artwork, very well executed from composition to final airbrushing. Dolores Rabbit (wife of Roger) was every bit as provocative, and actually in a film targeted at children, so I think these are possibly OK.
  • kat_rin
    major sexification, but amazing none-the-less. I love the drawing style.
  • BlackNegativity
    For the most part i agree with Lisnoire. They aren't directed at children. And the art is beautiful regardless of how sexual they are. In fact the drawing style is very Comic-esque.
  • lisnoire
    Oh, the children! Won't someone think about the children. Get real. These aren't targeted at children. Besides, children aren't likely to make the connection.
  • FinalYuRiPa
    wat the hell is this! disgusting
  • chocolatechipkookie
    those are cool...but kinda scary
  • nab2000
    The drawings are very detailed and beautiful, but they are definitely not for the children to see.
  • TheLittleSecret
    It really is great drawings, but i hope children dont see this.
  • haruhichan16
    great drawings but yep, not suitable for children XD. there'll always be drawings like this of everything n.nU
  • stupid_loser_girl92
    Plus it's an insult to Megan Fox.
  • stupid_loser_girl92
    Eek. Way to ruin the Disney princesses. Not a fan of princesses to being with except for Belle, Jasmine, whom they both forgot, and Mulan, and this slutty version just makes them look so fucked up.
  • Bunnygirl808
    ahhhh slutty disney princesses! and the guy characters in it look so creepy! this is disgusting! women are not sex objects, you worthless menpig scum!
  • shadowheart_lightdemon814
    there goes my childhood......
  • 911baller
    Dayum....this is a nice..unique way of looking at the princesses....
  • x_aquablue_x
    I pray that children will NOT see this..
  • Toiletcat27
    that does look amazing!
  • bloopyblop
    i think this guy just saw sxephill comment on this guy and then just went to hes deviant art. http://j-scott-campbell.deviantart.com/gallery/ t you go guys and galls. ok. just guys. who am i kidding
  • melah16
    does anyone else think that ariel has some stubby lookin arms?
  • Vixen929
    I sincerely hope this is NOT wat disney had in mind when he created these characters
  • omnifish
    haha Ariel is a ginger. i never realized that till now
  • fujiyaten
    I think I like tinkerbell, sleeping beauty, and belle one best...The little mermaid looks like man...
  • xxAoiSoraxx
    My poor, poor childhood. And.... Alice in Wonderland is a Disney PRINCESS?
  • S1Lv3R_M3moRi3S
    lol..... not that it ruins my childhood memories of them but they're even too much for me :D.. i prefer the everything that is not the girls (eg the beast, rabbit, cat) lols
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