• alyte
    I believe as a part of the female population, that they should have some decency or at least shame.
  • alyte
    orange_advan........ true dat...... and it's sad because of that. so very sad.
  • orange_advan
    100% in japan is equivalent to 0% in america
  • Gothproxy
    So what exactly is the 'scale'? Is it body mass? Fat index? Percentage of those surveyed who like women like this? Guess if I had to pick a scale type it would be 40-60. But who knows what the scale represents?
  • shywolfdemon
    not 10 0 i meant.... XP
  • shywolfdemon
    wow-30 shudnt be wearing a bikini....or atleast not that kind.....sumthing with LOTS of ruffles2cover up the fact dat shes about as busty as a 7yrold!XD ilik 40&60 100 looks lik shesgonna spill out dat bikini&10looks lik shes anorexic... :/
  • philarch
    yep all fine here still i think it would have been better if they had heads :-)
  • KanpekiJan
    10%-60% look great to me, particularly 10% and 40%.
  • RankoAnime
    10% and 40% look the sexiest to me and is what my ideal body would look like. Unfortunately my body looks like the 100% girl... x_x
  • Eon_Rifter
    60 80 100 on up... ^-^ need a woman that can handle me.
  • MysticLuster
    Well 40% seems pretty close to physical perfection, although to be sure all of them are quite lovely and anyone here would be lucky as hell to have them.
  • Remedic
    They need some muscle .... not Fat, Real Meat. -10 to 60-80 for me
  • ScreamNii
    Umm... Ok, non of them is ugly or anything, but i bet that faces of those skinny girls...well, lets just say i don't think they are so cute. Just from what i have seen XDD Cute girls, i rest my case (20-100 are the cutest^^)
  • tlorehand
    60, 80 and 100 are what I would call "real" women, because they have some meat on them that makes them look better, the rest are too thin to be anything but "thin" to me that's not healthy. People think skin and bone is sexy? Okay..