• yinfire
    That was funny XD But way to scar your pet for life. I doubt that the cat thought it was fun.
  • eyesheild_reborn
    I cracked up at the cat vid. The song fit it perfectly! Seriously, it looked like the cat was underwater.
  • Snivvs
    it was funny to watch but i doubt it was very 'spa' like for neither the dog or the cat.
  • redpy
    Now they just need to make a human one for me. Much faster than a shower I'm sure. I don't see how people can see this as cruel, I'd use one if it was as spacious, relatively, as those were.
  • xXxShugo_Chara_ROXSxXx
    aww!! POOR DOG!! how in the HELL is that poor dog supposed to breath in that machine?? if we EVER get that here in america it should be ILLIGAL and charged as animal abuse!!!
  • Eon_Rifter
    The dogs thoughts... What was I worrying about? I love you! The cats thought... This won't end well for you... There will be blood
  • Nii-chama
    Oh man, that poor kitty. If I ever did this to my cat, he'd probably break out in mid wash and murder everyone in there.
  • skippy22175
    Some one prosecute the manufacturers of this device. Is it in America? This would NEVER happen in the UK. It is cruel and wicked.
  • mimosa_usagi
    this seems kind of mean. also cats clean them selfs.
  • dwave82
    The at maybe scared but the machine just saved the poor person that had to wash it by hand...That cat would have done that around water either way
  • xingx35
    you this could be charged as animal abuse
  • ily_zero
    LOL XD poor cat...xd
  • luckylukesantamonica
    i think i need a Baby Washing Machine instead of the Pet. Wonder how they will turn out ?????