• AllonMarton
    That thing would not last a week over here, damn would not last a week over here. The damn thing would be shattered or have a fire lit inside it until it melted, that is what happens to all the glass bus stops and the like.
  • alyte
    that's awesome! But i would never ever use it! It's still awesome But i still would never ever EVER use it!
  • fahsum
    I think perverts who like showing their privates to the public would enjoy this without getting in trouble. And I bet the ladies will use the toilet faster now that they can see the anxious facial expressions of ppl lining in front lol.
  • yinfire
    Yeah. It also reminds me of a nightmare I had. It's embarrassing having everybody watching you pee. Actually, I've been through a real life situation like that -_-
  • nab2000
    That's something else. o.o
  • peach5
    i think itd be awsome to go to but id feel intimidated just watching every1 thinking wat if they saw me
  • monk16
    but its only see through from the inside. you can see outside but from the outside you cant see inside
  • trinsit
    oh HECK yeah! I think it would be so funny.
  • neverknight
    == w == \m/ I want to surprise who will attempt to go inside that see through cr.
  • lyn-lyn88
    cooool.. i would definitely take a crap in there.
  • HappyGirl06
    This must be uncomfortable to use XD