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A 54-year-old Japanese pervert was busted for trying to use a 4-meter-long fishing pole to steal himself some sexy ladies underwear.


Sponichi reported that yesterday in Kobe, a 54 year old fishing enthusiast used a 4 meter long fishing pole to snag a 21 year old girl’s dedicates off a second floor veranda. After hearing a noise, the victim’s husband realized what was happening, went outside and held the perpetrator until the police arrived.

A man under indictment for stealing a woman’s kimono had collected about 8,200 items of women’s underwear and other clothing at his one-room apartment here and wrapped himself in some of the clothes when he slept, investigators said.

Local police were forced to mobilize five mini buses to transport the clothing — including a wedding dress — they had confiscated from the apartment to the police station.

The suspect, 60-year-old Maeyasu Kawamura, admitted that he had stolen a massive amount of women’s clothes. “Over the past decade I’ve randomly stolen women’s clothes and underwear,” he was quoted as saying during questioning.

There have been other recent reports of underwear thieves in Japan who stole 400 items, 1700 items, and 2500 items.

  • kaiyukichan
    OMG! People like Happosai really are real!?... well they are in Japan.
  • Jisatsu_no_Tenshi
    Happosai IRL?
  • niceguy4ever
    how can you keep doing this for a decade!? ewww...
  • Abev
    this guy is a porno perve
  • death_dealer_xj
    hoposi has returned quick ranma run
  • mhps900076
    ewwwwwwwwwwwww wtf = = something's wrong with that dude....i swearr
  • xhuizini
    disgusting.... why was he only arrested now?
  • ily_zero
    Is he REALLY that desperate? o.0?
  • gideon369
    That guy is messed up.
  • AskyrothLlyr
    Wait... I thought master Roshi was fictional....
  • Hiroko-chan556
    ewww...there are some really wacko people in Japan -_-'
  • stupid_loser_girl92
    Why would he steal all this stuff? It's not going to get him laid any time soon.
  • tokitoki82
    reminds me of Happosai from Ranma 1/2. lol
  • FinalYuRiPa
    pfft, i shouldn't be laughing... but wow that guy probably caught more clothing than fish
  • janeeta4321
    Maybe he should have been a woman lol