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If you liked the Foot Shoe, you’ll love these bread shoes. They’re not edible but I would still walk with caution if there are pigeons around.


Source: foolishgadgets

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Not what you were expecting huh?


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Why Harvest Elephant Poop for Paper in Sri Lanka?
To save elephants, of course. It turns out that a tenth of the mere 40,000 Asian elephants worldwide live in Sri Lanka, where they’re killed due to their interference with agriculture. There’s no major ivory trade, and Sri Lankans don’t eat elephant meat, so the sole factor that elephants are being exterminated is because they’re a nuisance. Many Sri Lankans have long regarded elephants as dangerous pests that ruin their crops via trampling them, and kill them to protect their livelihood as some Americans kill wolves to protect livestock.

Mr. Ellie Pooh hopes to change that conception by proving that elephants can be valuable to the economy, and thus worth sparing. They feel that the only way to protect the elephants is to change the public’s idea of their indisputable value–if Sri Lankans are making an honest living creating paper, and an entirely new market is opened up, there’ll be more incentive to find alternative solutions to protecting their crops.

Source: huffingtonpost, treehugger

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This is for REAL. If you don’t believe me, click here to read more about it.


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Why Japanese cell phones blow the iPhone out of the water:


Source: wired

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According the scripture: 010111010101010000100…


Source: Cracked

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It is November, but for anime fans it’s Halloween year round.   Some of you may have heard of the infamous Yamanote Train Halloween Party. This is a glimpse of what happened last year.

But it looks like the Halloween party on the Yamanote line is no longer appreciated…

From what I’ve read it was quite the experience to say the least.

Another annual train party has also been around near Fukui.  This one is less controversial as its better organized and more official.  Below you can find some photos/videos of past train parties for your viewing pleasure:


If you love Hello Kitty, you can now travel with her! It goes for about USD $222 and can be purchased here.


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