Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-

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  • Different, But Very Enjoyable.
    Different, But Very Enjoyable. If you like mind games, then you'll probably enjoy this. I found this to be quite entertaining and I really liked it. Hoping that it gets a season two at some point if it doesn't already have one.

    Things included in this anime that you might enjoy:
    - A guy who is way too hot to be a 16 year old
    - A beautiful Tsundere who likes animals
    - A main ...
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  • rokka the braves who get stuck in some fog for 8 eps with no story progression....
    hey its olmost like the good guys won ima call this a morral victory and rember to never watch this show again... utter disapointment... bad passing... good chars but that all this is is expo dump after expo dump this is more locked room/murder mistery story without a murder. the one redeaming quality, when the main char gets cut he keeps his scars thats the litteral only good things ive found ...
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  • Leaves You Guessing!
    Can't say much or I'll ruin the show - but this? This story rewards those who paid attention and thought beyond what they were told. If you like a show that doesn't just leave the hero defeating all odds through willpower alone and getting mystical powerups out of nowhere that make no sense?

    Watch this.
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  • Very Good, why am I needing to put a long title?
    It was great but pacing could have used a little work, they could have moved things a little faster or put a little bit more action. I found that I really liked the premise behind the show and the characters were defiantly interesting ones but they also could have put a little more into the supporting ones, the setting behind all of it could have used more depth but a great jumping off point I ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Could have been good - ball dropped hard
    So before you get too far into this anime let me just start off by saying that the show leaves you essentially at the beginning of the story line you thought you were getting on the 1st episode (And there is no season 2, so you never get a conclusion). What's that mean you ask? Let me explain.

    We thought this story was going to be about warriors chosen by divine touch going on an epic adventure ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    initially interesting, but turns out to be disappointing
    rokka braves of the six flowers started as a decently interesting show, but by the end just left me feeling really disappointed.

    the character designs and art was not bad, and the set up was kind of interesting. it is a mystery detective survival style story, but the ending was a cop out. the whole time every one is trying to figure out who is the one, but what happens at the end ...
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  • Ended Too Soon For Me
    This one was okay. It ended too soon though. The whole plot is about discovering who isn't who they say they are. The ending came way too soon. Animation-wise the program is animated well, but the plot leaves something to be desired. Not my favorite anime, but not my most hated either. If you are looking for an okay mystery-themed anime then this will suit your taste quite nicely.
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  • A very interesting story
    To me this was a great anime I will grant the monster CGI wasn't the best but come on we have seen way worst. The story line is great and beside the bad CGI for the demons the animation was great and consistent. Each character was interesting and fun giving a lovable cast of characters and the plot twists were very interesting to watch unfold my only problem is that it ended with a cliffhanger so ...
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  • breath of fresh air for the fantasy genre
    Took a couple of episodes to draw me in but but boy did it get me hooked. I've just watched the whole thing in as day so it's all fresh in my mind while writing this.

    It starts of as typical shounen garbage "i am the strongest hero in the world!!1!" but it becomes so much more than that. There is real depth to the characters, their interactions are human and realistic for the situations.
    The ...
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