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  • Managed to surprise me every episode
    This is a silly, self-aware comedy. Every time I thought I could see where an episode was going I was wrong. Sabagebu managed to surprise me every time!

    Each character's personality is a little over-the-top, but it fits with the absurd comedy. The series is a good length, and takes the premise about as far as it can go.
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    Definitely one of my favourite anime
    I love the over exaggerated comedy, and how this anime makes fun of itself at every turn. Especially how self centred and imperfect the main protagonist is. Momoka-sama's - and everyone else's - ridiculous personality makes every situation a guessing game, and makes this show hilariously unpredictable.
    And I have to give credit to Urara-chan's voice actor. Her hilarious switch back and fourth ...
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  • A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!
    I really liked this anime a lot. It was very fun to watch and had a funny story.

    I love the characters. They are just so funny and they care about each other a lot. They also were very cute! PLATY!!!

    I also like the story and how random the topics of the episode could be. They did relate to one another and had effects on the future episodes.
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  • Airsoft crazyness, imagination to life
    Now this was one of the most craziest and awesome anime's I had watched. I always was into firearms and watching this just made two of the best worlds into one. Anime and guns. Not to mention the comedy is just crazy. Despite it not being real, they cause destruction and chaos too. Everything is over exaggerated and it's just that funny. Using real weapon models is what makes it great too. ...
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  • Excellent Over the top Comedy

    I debated for a while whether I should give Sabagebu! 4 or 5 stars, but I went with 5 because while it has a lot of flaws, it was solidly funny. Each episode is broken into several mini-episodes, and you're guaranteed to like at least one each time. More of the mini segments were funny than not-funny, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt for the 5 stars.

    There's a lot of parody ...
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  • Hilarious Violence<3
    This anime is SO FUNNY, with hilarious characters, creative episode scenarios, and slapstick humor that really works. I loved itttttttt, was so sad to finish!
    The main criticism I have for Sabagebu! would have to be the overused character tropes that every main character relies on, and from which they do not really stray! I have to say though, these tropes are used effectively - and the ...
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  • I can't believe I skipped this Anime! you have to watch it~
    The first episode was good enough but lulled me when I first attempted to watch this anime and I dropped it after fifteen minutes. A year later my buddy posted a clip from an episode and I said "Whaaaa? that anime is like that? @_@!!"

    So here I am now, up to episode six to tell you that this anime is freaking HILARIOUS and totally unexpected. These girls are simply not what they seem! Actually ...
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  • So Ridiculous It's Good
    Sabagebu is made by Pierrot, the makers of Bleach, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Yona of the Dawn, and many more. Unlike most of their works though, Sabagebu is taken less seriously and focuses more on the comedic aspect of anime. The plot is about girl who transfers into a new school in her first year of high school and is then involuntarily signed up for the survival game club. The episodes focus ...
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  • Uneven series, sometimes boring, sometimes amazing, sometimes just okay. Worth trying if you think you might like it.
    I'm only a little halfway through, but I have to say that the series is one of the most surprisingly uneven ones I've seen. Sometimes the episodes are brilliant, sometimes they're just okay, and sometimes they're actually painful to watch.

    The art and music is good, imho, and the characters are interesting, but sometimes the humor can be mean or just plain unfunny regardless of whether it's ...
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