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    A Madoka Magically Pleasant First Season with a Second Season that Doesn't Compare
    I started watching this because I was told it was similar to Puella Madoka Magica . I kept putting it off because I didn't want to have to follow a show where I had to memorize the rules to a card game to follow it. Fortunately the show doesn't go into details about the actual card game and it's really just more about the sad stories about the girl's who get the chance to have their wishes come ...
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    Selecting the best ending
    I had originally found the anime because of the spectacular opening song of the first season and finally found it on Fundamation's site because of the licensing agreement over here state side with Hulu. So after struggling with finding it and watching it (Fundamation's site isn't exactly user friendly sometimes) it turned out to be something quite darker then I had thought.

    At first glance it ...
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  • This is what I think is a good combination of plot and art!
    When I first saw the anime page, I wasn't expecting me to like it, but when I watched the first 2 episodes of the first season, I've already started to love it. The thing that has gotten me so much is the combination of the characters design, which I adore, and the story in general; I think they really fit well together! I like how the first season has developed and I'm fine with it's ending too, ...
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