Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan

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  • Was cute in the beginning, felt it dragged along later
    For being a short anime, sometimes I found it felt really long. I am glad to hear this season has finished, because I can remove it from my queue.

    I may watch the second season sometime, but it won't be any time soon. I don't hate it, and I still think its cute. But I really just felt that a lot of the episodes were dry and drug along.
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  • A humorous, lighthearted seal story
    Here is another adorable anime series I found on Crunchyroll with an equally adorable, pleasant story about the friendship between a baby spotted seal called Goma-chan and a little boy named Ashibe Ashiya. Another reason I love this series is because I love seals.

    Based on a comical manga serialized in 1988, this story was then adapted into an anime series in 1991. But since I had never seen ...
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  • Simple, But Fun Short!
    This is very cute short-episode series about a boy and his pet baby seal. There is little to no plot overall, and each episode consists of small mundane everyday adventures they go on.

    It's not an amazing show, but it's cute enough to be worth a watch. It's a great show for animal lovers, kids, people who like anime such as Chi's New Home.
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  • Awesome, Cute And Short
    Everybody Must Check Out This Anime. It's Funny, The Art Is Beautiful, The Run Time Is Like 9 Min So If You Want to Watch something Fast this Show Is For you And Plus There Is A Seal Which Sound Like Mew From Pokemon. Now One Of My New Favorite Anime Of This Season
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