A Quick Fullmetal Alchemist Question
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Posted 8/18/07 , edited 8/18/07
I just need a little help with a quick FMA question and please support your answers with some thoughts. Don't just say "yea, I think so" or "nah, probably not" without explaining why.

Theoretically speaking will the power of alchemy still work if a character is on a different world? -- Meaning does the power of alchemy stay with a person because of the knowledge he has about how to use alchemy or is it a power tied to the FMA world so when he leaves that world, he loses those powers?

(If the question needs to be clarified, just ask and I will do my best make it clearer.)
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Posted 8/18/07

Lazybook wrote:


^Anime Help Thread

Um yeah. you can have your question answered there.

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