Sparrow's Hotel

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  • Funny and Strange; Fascinating and Leaves You Wanting More
    This series was one I stumbled upon and started to watch because the episodes were short. It turned out to be a very amusing series, with characters well-developed in the short time they were given. I felt like I had a taste of the interesting setting and premise, and it also gave the impression of greater depth than the 3-minute episode length was able to fully convey.

    There were plenty of ...
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  • Short and cute, but where's the second season?
    I'm disappointed with some of the low ratings. It's a really adorable show. For the length of each episode, you can't get much characterization, but it leaves a nice warm feeling once you're finished.
    Most of the complaints people seem to have with the show is that they don't like the art; but it seems fairly well-done; the only problem I had with it is that it changes midway through, and the ...
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  • It just isn't that good
    It had funny moments, and it seems like it might be full of fridge humor...but it's not. It's just bland. The premise has promise, as do the characters, but not much is done with either. It also has awful animation. I don't say that often, because even shows with little frame movement usually manage to make the most of what they have. Here, though, the animation is very inconsistent. I swear they ...
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  • 0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    it took me longer to write this review than to watch this series...
    I cannot imagine this series being expanded to a full length 26 episode series. And that's why it works! No need to explore these characters it's like an ongoing SNL sketch and the fact that it doesn't promise to be or try to be anything more is where the entertainment value lies. That's the charm. Comedies tend to over exert themselves or run to the well one too many times. This was a refreshing ...
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  • Just a short stay spot
    This show is not as bad as some reviewers say. It's not a landmark anime either. If your expectations are reasonable, its an enjoyable collection of shorts, very short shorts. In all attempts ever made to have any type (TV, Anime, movies) show based on a hotel, this deserves a top 5. Clever writing, a nice variety of characters, and character design, helps my opinion of Sparrow's Hotel. Watch this ...
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  • Brief But Enjoyable!
    This series consist of twelve very brief episodes that center on Sparrow's Hotel and Sayuri Satou, the new front desk attendant with the skills of an assassin. This is a comedy and it is entertaining. If you are looking for something short and enjoyable then I would recommend this series. However, the abrupt ending and small length of episodes did leave a bit to be desired. I feel this could have ...
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  • Don't judge a book by it's cover!
    Ok so this is the best example of: "Don't judge a book by it's cover"
    Looking at the art it looked like I was about to jump into one of those American "how to draw anime/manga" books which gave me the impression of a bad anime, but what I got was a LOL story. It's short and simple which is something perfect to watch during your break.
    It's basically a short comic anime.
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  • Not the Greatest, but Potential is Present
    This is actually the lowest rating I've ever given an anime, and it makes me sad to do so. But, I want to point out the flaws (and some good points) so that they can be learned from and so that more better anime can be made in the future! So here goes:
    The concept isn't actually that bad. It's kind of the trope where there is a character who is amazing at everything (example: Sebastian from Black ...
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