Black Mokona Modoki (Larg) 10&quot xxxHOLiC / Tsubasa Plushie

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      Black Mokona Modoki (Larg) 10 inch xxxHOLiC / Tsubasa Anime Plushie Manufacturer: GE Animation While the white Mokona left to travel the worlds with the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle group, the black Mokona stayed behind to act as a liaison between the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle group and Yūko. Mokona likes to be around Yūko, drink with her and eat the meals that Watanuki has made, and mostly chirps in with Maru and Moro. Yūko has mentioned that the Mokonas were created a very long time ago by herself and Clow Reed, in preparation for a future event?the arrival and subsequent journey of the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle group?as well as to stop Fei Wong Reed's plans and save "two futures". Yūko and Clow also fashioned the ear accessories of the two Mokonas, possibly separately from the Mokonas themselves. In the manga, Yūko explains that the White Mokona's accessory (the red one) amplifies magic powers, while the blue accessory of the Black Mokona seals magic powers. The specific effects of the accessories and how they work are unclear.

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