Riza Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Patch

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      Riza Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Patch Riza Hawkeye (リザ・ホークアイ, Riza HÃ…Â￾kuai) is Roy Mustang's most trusted and dearest subordinate. She carries out many of the tasks he is too lazy to do, acts as his personal assistant, and protects him from danger. She also doubles as his voice of reason, keeping cool in heated situations, and scolding him when he allows his emotions to get in the way. Riza and Roy seem to share a close relationship as she identifies him as her most precious person. Riza specializes in firearms, particularly sniper rifles, and can hit nearly any target with lethal accuracy. In the series, she adopts a dog named Black Hayate (ブラックãƒÂ￾ヤテ, Burakkuhayate) that she raises with stern discipline; when Hayate urinates indoors, she fires a number of warning rounds at the wall around the dog to reinforce that doing so is against established protocol.

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