Hikaru Hitachiin Ouran High School Host Club Patch

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      Hikaru Hitachiin Ouran High School Host Club Patch Manufacturer: GE Animation Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin Identical twins who used to reject others and are the Little Devil types. Only recently after they joined the Host Club did they start to open up and allow other people into their world. They are the same age as Haruhi and are in her class, and so have a special bond with her; Haruhi was the first and only person who is able to tell the twins apart (though it has been revealed that Tamaki also could for some time), something that both had secretly longed for. They enjoy playing "games" and tricks on classmates, especially Tamaki. Kaoru is nicer, more sensitive, and more mature than Hikaru. Hikaru, on the other hand, is very immature and somewhat mean, but mostly because he has trouble expressing his feelings. The twins later on discover that they too harbor feelings for Haruhi. Kaoru doesn't love Haruhi enough to want her only for himself (because he values his relationship with his brother more), so he ends up letting Hikaru be the twin who loves her romantically. After this development, the twins begin to attempt embracing their differences, even going as far as changing Hikaru's hair color so that others can tell them apart.

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