Fate Testarossa Ani-Statue Everyday Version Lyrical Nanoha Figure

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      Fate Testarossa Ani-Statue Everyday Version Lyrical Nanoha Figure A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Following the main character of the hit property Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha in an all-new series of Ani-Statues is Nanoha's chief rival and a powerful mage from the Garden of Time, FATE TESTAROSSA! A fast-learning magic user focusing on electricity-based attacks (like her mother), Fate too sets off to find the Jewel Seeds and eventually becomes allies with Nanoha. Dressed in her "everyday wear," the blonde girl stands at attention with her hands behind her back. Fate doesn't go to school, so instead of a uniform she wears a flowing blouse and miniskirt in matching dark gray. Her top is accessorized by bright yellow ties at the neck and sleeves, while her skirt has beautiful pleated ruffles. For footwear Fate chooses sturdy brown boots with red laces. Her exquisitely cute smiling face is framed by her lustrous blonde hair that you can choose to display in either of two hair styles, and with two different ribbons! You can also switch Fate between "standby" and "axe" mode by equipping her with interchangeable hands: one set holds her Bardiche while the other wields her massive axe! Fate stands 6 1/2 inches tall (1/8 scale) atop an exclusive base.

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