Tsunade Crest Naruto Patch

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      Tsunade Crest Naruto Patch Manufacturer: GE Animation Tsunade (綱手), as well as her former teammates Jiraiya and Orochimaru, is a former student of the Third Hokage. She is also the granddaughter of the First Hokage, and so many characters in the series refer to her with the Japanese honorific "hime" (meaning "princess"). Despite her connections to past Hokage, Tsunade hates the position when she is first introduced. After her brother and boyfriend died in pursuit of their dreams to become Hokage, she lost faith in the title and the concept of dreams. She regains her faith in both after meeting Naruto Uzumaki, who consistently overcomes any obstacle in his own dreams of being Hokage. As a result, Tsunade accepts the position of Fifth Hokage (äºâ€￾代目çÂ￾«å½±, Godaime Hokage) to protect Konohagakure on behalf of everyone she has loved. Despite the importance of her position, Tsunade tends to avoid her duties, instead leaving them for her assistants. She will fulfill her role to address matters important to the village, and throughout Part II leads Konoha in combating Akatsuki. When Konoha was invaded by Pain, she used up all her energy summoning Katsuyu, her slug summon, to protect the villagers, and has been in a coma ever since. She was then dismissed as Hokage and was replaced by Danzo.

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