Chiyo-Dad Azumanga Daioh Wristband

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      Chiyo-Dad Azumanga Daioh Wristband Manufacturer: GE Animation "Chiyo-Dad" (「ちよ父」, "Chiyo-chichi") is a strange looking and even stranger acting cat-like creature which appears in Sakaki's dreams, claiming to be Chiyo's dad. (Chiyo-chichi has also appeared in Osaka's dreams, with the same claim, despite the fact that Sakaki has apparently never really explained these dreams to other people). Polite but taken to fits of uneasing anger, he may be bullet-proof, a great baseball player, and/or Santa Claus. Osaka gives Chiyo a stuffed animal shaped like Chiyo-chichi on her birthday. In addition, Chiyo-chichi can levitate from place to place, finds the color red discomforting, and is inconsistent about whether he really is a cat. The stuffed animal Chiyo-chichi also appears as merchandise in Azuma's current manga, Yotsuba&!.

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