Saber Arturia Pendragon 1/7 Scale Figure (Deluxe Edition) - Fate/Grand Order [Aniplex + Exclusive]

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Product Description

【Aniplex+ Exclusive Merchandise】

From the fan-favorite mobile app game, Fate/Grand Order, comes Saber Arturia Pendragon now as an exclusive 1/7 Scale Figure!

This splendid replication of the keyart clearly demonstrates the true magnificence of the King of Knights.

Along with Excalibur made with clear parts and a detachable cape, the detail and craftsmanship will make this item a must-have for any collector!

Please witness the King of Knights in her full glory.

This deluxe edition includes a LED light base, a royal crown, and additional facial and arm parts.


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Approximately 9.80 inches tall.

(c) Aniplex of America

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