Non Non Biyori Complete Collection Blu-ray

By Sentai Filmworks SKU: SFB-NNB000

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Product Description

When Hotaru moves from Tokyo to a tiny town in the rural countryside, she's in for some serious culture shock: the nearest place that sells comics is 20 minutes away, the nearest video store is ten train stations down the line, and there are only three other girls and one boy in her entire school!

Even though everything's so different, there's something about the laid-back atmosphere that makes her feel strangely comfortable. While she'll certainly miss parts of her old life, there's a whole lifetime of experiences waiting to be enjoyed with her new friends Renge, Komari, Natsumi, and Suguru!

In the end, it's who you're with, not where you are, that makes a place your home in NON NON BIYORI and NON NON BIYORI REPEAT!

Product Details

  • Publisher: Sentai Filmworks

  • Spoken Languages: Japanese w/ English Subtitles

  • Special Features: Commentary for "I Practiced Very Hard" and "One Year Has Passed"; Dagashi; Cast Panel Video; Japanese Promos; Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animation

  • Age Rating: TV-PG

  • Run Time: 600 minutes

  • For North American Region (DVD Region 1/Blu-ray Region A/1)

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