Bleach DVD Box Set 8 (Hyb) (Eps 134-145)

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      The Head Captain orders Mayuri Kurotsuchi to simplify the procedures to perform Gentei Kaijo, a restriction release for the Spiritual Pressure of the Advance Troops while in the World of the Living. Kon, lonely and bored due to Rukia's and Orihime's absence, decides to pay a visit to Rangiku. Trouble is brewing in Las Noches, Aizen's palace in the Hollow realm, Hueco Mundo. One of the Arrancars, Patras, rebels against Aizen and tries to steal the Hogyoku. Contains episodes 134-145. Special Features: Production Art, Clean Ending, Omake, Sneak Peek, Manga Preview . Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles. Age Rating - 13+ 300 Minutes Media - DVD - Region 1 Publisher - VIZ Release Date - Mar 22 2011

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