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AKIRA Blu-ray

By Palos Verdes Peninsula Filmworks LLC SKU: PVPF-669198200090

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      Details: Katsuhiro Otomo's earth-shaking masterpiece AKIRA remastered for 1080p HD Blu-ray in bilingual Japanese and English Dolby TrueHD audio! Synopsis July, 1988 - World War III breaks loose. Then, in 2019, in megalopolis Tokyo... As the leader of a group of young robust delinquents, Kaneda spent his nights tearing through the urban wastes, racing his motorbike against rival groups. One night while riding with his gang, his friend Tetsuo suddenly encounters a strange boy - the product of human experimentation - and is injured in the ensuing crash. Shortly thereafter, a military squadron appears on the scene to take the boy and Tetsuo away to an army research facility. Determined to free Tetsuo from capture, Kaneda sneaks into the army research lab. However, a regimen of extreme experimental procedures has awakened a new power in his friend, and now he is consumed by madness... Blu-ray Features The entire AKIRA movie! WARNING: Movie is Rated R for Graphic Violence and Brief Nudity Bonus materials Not Rated English and Japanese Audio English and Japanese Subtitles Interactive Menus Color / 124 min + 5 min / AVC / BD50G / 16:9 (1080p High Definition) Bonus Extras Teaser #1 Teaser #2 TV commercial Trailer #1 Trailer #2 Storyboards (still images) Technical Details Region: US/North America Audio: Japanese Dolby TrueHD (5.1ch 192kz 24 bit) Japanese Dolby Digital (5.1ch) Japanese Linear PCM (Dolby Surround) English Dolby TrueHD (5.1ch) Subtitles: English Japanese TRT: Approx 124 min. + 5 min. bonus Movie is Rated R for Graphic Violence and Brief Nudity Bonus Materials are Not Rated

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