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One Shot Bug Killer!! Hoi-Hoi san HOIHOI-SAN Mini Plastic Model Kit

By Kotobukiya SKU: KP290

$29.99 $29.99


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Product Description

One-Shot Bug Killer!!, the popular Japanese property depicting a world of tiny insect exterminating female robots, is back with another Interceptor Doll from Mars Pharmaceuticals. Even smaller than the original but no less effective at killing bugs is HOI-HOI SAN MINI! Standing 3.5 inches tall, the tiny robot wears an adorable black and white outfit consisting of a dress with a bunchy skirt and bow at the back, clunky shoes, a matching hair band, and mitten-like gloves. Mini has a cute innocent expression on her face beneath her bright blonde hair, and like the other Dolls has her name printed right on her clothing. Comprised of approximately 120 pre-colored pieces that require no glue for easy assembly, once completed she has multiple points of articulation that give her excellent poseability. She even comes with interchangeable parts so you can display her with or without her bug-killing weapon! This cute Mini is the perfect addition to your Hoi-Hoi San collection.

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