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The iDOLM@STER Miki Hoshii Cu-Poche

By Kotobukiya SKU: AD006

$34.99 $34.99


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Product Description

Miki has rarely had to work hard for anything. It is because of this that she always approaches tasks with a very laid back attitude. She manages good grades with minimal effort, and was born with good-looks that belie her age. She even receives around 20 confessions of love per day from boys. She's grown up in a very laissez-faire family, who had no problems with her becoming an idol. While she doesn't really have cruel intentions, she believes like everything else, she can make her way to becoming top idol easily.

  • Combining posability with stability, each Cu-Poche figure features multiple points (15 points) of articulation and mag nets in the feet for extra stability on the included base!
  • Miki Hoshii includes interchangeable pieces to customize her display, including multiple hands and a variety of facial expressions
  • Miki looks great in miniature deformed style, ready to perform on stage in her pink and white idol outfit
    -Measurements: 11cm (about 4.3 inches)


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