Fei Yen Hatsune Miku VR-014/HD figure

By Bluefin SKU: BAN70973

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Product Description

Fei-Yen from the Virtual-On video game and the hit virtual idol, Hatsune Miku join the COMPOSITE Ver.Ka series as part of a dream collaboration that will allow portrayal of both diva characters in the "Hatune Miku -Project DIVA- extend" PSP software.

Figure set includes an extensive array of accessories and option parts - faceplates for both Fei-Yen and Hatsune Miku, mic and leeks x2, a total of 10 interchangeable hand parts, interchangeable HMD module, emotional heart, emotional line, interchangeable necktie part, and special display stand (perfect for displaying figure in dramatic float pose with heart!)

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