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Helena Harper Figure (Square Enix Resident Evil 6) - Play Arts -Kai-

By Bluefin SKU: ENX81327

$79.99 $79.99


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Product Description

Legendary government agent Leon S. Kennedy and seemingly wayward Secret Service agent Helena Harper finally make their debut in the PLAY ARTS -KAI- line! Based on their appearances in RESIDENT EVIL 6, each figure stands around 9" tall, and comes with multiple weapons, interchangeable hands, and a display base. Sculpted directly from the models used in game, no small detail has gone left unnoticed. With over 26 individual points of articulation, Leon and Helena are ready to outwit a never-ending horde of zombies and other monstrosities in order to discover the truth behind the Tall Oaks incident. Helena is 8.86" Tall. Note: Does not include Leon S. Kennedy

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