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Inu X Boku SS Complete Collection Blu-ray

By Crunchyroll SKU: 9781616152635

$69.98 $54.99

$69.98 $54.99

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  • Blu-ray
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Product Description

Shirakiin Ririchiyo’s dream of independence had long seemed impossible, and she felt doomed to the life of a secluded shut-in. Until, that is, she arrived at the mysterious mansion known as Ayakashi Kan, where every potential resident must pass a strict series of tests before being allowed in. The drawback to this private Eden, however, is that every resident must also have a personal Secret Service agent accompanying them at all times, and the agent assigned to her, Soushi Miketsukami, may be far more than he appears to be. Could the “guardian angel” looking over her shoulder be more than just foxy looking and actually a fox spirit? Get ready for supernatural sleuthing and spirited suspense as the most secretive secret service of all unleashes a whole series of stunning surprises in INU X BOKU SECRET SERVICE!

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