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MANGA TAROT BOX SET >> Cards & Guidebook <<

By MANGA UNIVERSITY SKU: 9784921205249

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      <h1>HOLIDAY SPECIAL</h1> <h1>50% off regular price for Crunchyroll premium members!</h1> <h1>Priority Mail Shipping — Delivers in 1 to 3 business days (U.S. only)</h1> This original deck of 78 mystical cards features the instantly recognizable full-color manga artwork of Saori Takarai, author of _Manga Moods, Manga Moods, Too_ and _Manga Sisters._ Use the cards for fortunetelling with your family and friends, admire them for their remarkable artwork, or give them as a gift to someone you love. However you use them, Manga University's _Manga Tarot_ will surely bring you happiness and good fortune! Whether this is your very first Tarot deck or the latest addition to a growing collection, the adorable illustrations will capture your imagination and provide endless hours of fortunetelling fun! __What's in the box:__ + Complete set of 78 cards; all the Major and Minor Arcana! + 64-page guidebook prepared by the renowned Psychic Jada, with the meanings of each card, plus Tarot spreads for readings! ## See even more [Manga University books and gifts](http://www.crunchyroll.com/store/vendors/58#sort=popularity,display=96,pg=0) in the Crunchyroll Store!

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