How to Draw Manga: Maids & Miko


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Renowned artists Tatsuhiro Ozaki (founder of the Society for the Study of Manga Techniques) and Unkaku Koyama (author of How to Draw Manga: Super Tone Techniques) team up for Maids and Miko, a fascinating, in-depth look at the traditional costumes worn by Western housemaids and Japanese temple servants (miko).

Features hundreds of poses and detailed written descriptions of the garments and how they are worn.

Special note: Fans of the popular Japanese anime series Inuyasha will be particularly interested in the "miko" section of this volume, as the clothing worn by the main character in that series is heavily based on the traditional hakama robes worn by miko. (The book does not contain any drawings of the actual Inuyasha character, just the type of clothing the character wears.)

152 pages. 7.2 inches by 10 inches. Softcover.

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