Loveless DVD 3 (S): Hope on the Run

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      "Why do you always break your promises?" His feelings confused, Ritsuka tries to pull away from Soubi. A strange message prompts him to confront Seven Moons alone. To uncover the secret of his brother, Ritsuka finds himself trapped in his own mind, all of the horrors of his subconsious attacking him at once. But his salvation is not to be found with his brother Seimei, Soubi, or the mysterious battles he has been taking part in. To become whole he must answer the riddle of his true name, "Loveless" which is tied to how he feels about others, not how they feel about him. Contains episodes 9-12. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles. DVDs and Blu-rays sold on Crunchyroll are DVD Region 1 or Blu-ray Region A. Please ensure that you are able to play such regions before purchasing

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