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D-Arts Blazeblue Noel = Vermilion

By Bluefin SKU: BAN86343

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Product Description

Fans of Blazblue rejoice! The first release in the D-Arts line will be none other than the popular Noel Vermillion. Appropriately timed with the recent release of the new anime series, "Blazblue Alter Memory", and PlayStation 3 game, "Blazblue Chronophantasm", Noel has been captured in stunning from and boasting cutting-edge articulation. This deluxe action figure will feature an extensive array of option parts and accessories to accurately recreate sequences from the game, as well as alternate facial expressions to display her in different situations. Interchangeable hair parts allow for portrayal of character without her hat, two interchangeable face parts (screaming and taking damage) are featured for depiction of a variety of situations. Two Bolverk gun accessories with optional shot effect parts are also included, as well as a multitude of interchangeable hands for display options.

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