PANDA vs GODZILLA Zip Hoodie/ Sweatshirt (Unisex)

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Product Description

100% Handmade - MADE IN THE U.S.

Fabric/ Material: Fleece- 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

Hoodie: Jersey lined with drawstrings.

Pockets: Real kangaroo pockets.

Cuffs: Ribbed with 5% spandex

Waistband:  Ribbed with 5% spandex.

Garment Color: Black

Fit: Regular U.S. - Unisex Adult/ Men's

Care Tips: Wash the sweater on the reverse side and in a cold water temperature. Do not bleach. Line/ air dry.

All other clothes or accessories displayed are excluded from this offer- Hoodie/ Sweatshirt only.

Godzilla is a very popular monster in Japanese movie history. I have been watching Godzilla movies ever since I was little, and my most favourite part has always been when Godzilla has to fight many enemies. Do you guys remember some such as King Ghidorah , Ebirah or Space Godzilla? My older brother used to have them all as action figures and I remember reenacting those fights. :3 So my love for pandas and this all-time classic favorite movie character brought me to the idea of creating another challenging enemy for godzilla. Who do you think would win? Godzilla or the giant, monsterous panda?! Hope everyone who loves the legendary Godzilla likes my design! :)

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