Mirror Sticker, Bear

By MochiThings SKU: MOCHI-CAF6D2

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  • Bear
  • Bear Face
  • Cat
  • Cat Face
  • Circle Wing
  • Cloud
  • Flower
  • Heart Wing
  • Mickey
  • Rabbit
  • Rabbit Face
  • Raccoon
  • Rice Ball
  • Squirrel
  • Water Drop
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Product Description

The Mirror Sticker is a miniature mirror where you can stick it to wherever you want. You can easily stick it onto your cell phone, notes, a bag, and more. The mirror is designed to be scratch resistant so you don't have to replace it in the long run. The mirror is very clear and will reflect objects in very clear view. Now you can throw away that huge mirror you have in your purse! You no longer have to take out your huge mirror to check yourself out real quick after meals or when you fix your hair!

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