Moekana 2nd Edition

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      Moekana are a set of cards to help folks learn the basic Japanese syllabary: hiragana and katakana. The cards feature Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga and Kanata Hoshikawa who are mascot characters of the TV show and website produced by Danny Choo called Culture Japan. The second edition of Moekana includes Katakana with revamped illustrations that now include the rest of the Culture Japan team who are Eiji Seiun, Kizuna Yumeno, Chitose Shirasawa and Retrokyu. The pack of 56 different moekana cards feature cute kawaii illustrations by the Japanese artist Ikkyuu - the adorable artwork alone is enough to help learners learn hiragana & katakana but there are many ways one can also use the cards to start learning Japanese. **Card size**: 88mm x 63mm **Pack Size**: 90mm × 65mm × 27mm (115g) **Specifications**: Each pack of Moekana contains 56 cards. Every pack contains the same set of cards. **Category**: Japanese language flash cards 40 packs per carton (each carton contains 8 boxes of 5 packs) Made in Japan

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