Street Fighter II The Animated Movie

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  • Great movie : nice transposition.
    Frankly it is a great anime movie and really is a tribute the game.

    Nice animation work and nice action which haven't aged at all despite the years!

    All the characters are here (with sometimes funny background stories which do not always correspond to those displayed in the video-game endings ; but I guess it's necessary so as everything can hold together).

    If you like the games, go ...
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  • Really Great Fighting Scenes - not only full of actions but also immersive
    The plot is simple, but the film is not filled by annoying cliches at all, which makes it clean and neat. Accompanying the straightforward story are the great fighting scenes. Unlike the fighting scenes in other anime that look good only because of special effects, the motion of the characters are clearly depicted, not failing the game. The characters are not depicted as superheroes, either; ...
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  • A gem from 20 years ago
    One of the few animes where the English dub was SPECTACULAR (soundtrack, voice acting, EVERYTHING) in comparison to the original. Everything about this is unmatched in subsequent Street Fighter movies and shows, character design, art style, direction. It has everything. Try and watch the English dub for the soundtrack alone!
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  • Great Animated Tie In!
    This animated movie is quite well done, and anyone who is a fan of street fighter or likes action-packed fighting is pretty much guaranteed to enjoy this. The character's from the games are depicted as you would expect them to be, the music is fantastic, and there is depth to many of the character's personalities.
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  • perfect animated film one of the best of the last thirty years
    first off you don't have to enjoy street fighter the game to watch this movie. is is a great animated movie that can be said it a stand alone. paired with the animated series it some of the best writing and fights sometimes better then the game. the story is precise and never gets into the silly mood that many tie-in's do. i will give you one spoiler the chun lee and the end fight is one of the ...
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