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Super Rookie

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  • It was good enough for me
    This drama was good enough for me. It had me laughing sooo much ;D It was never boring to me. Each ep had something about it that I liked. Eric Mun did an awesome job in this one <3 Plus the drama level wasn't so much. now that I can handle. 7/10 for this one o;
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  • The best Kdrama, ever!
    I have several shows that I like, but this is the first one I adore!

    I found myself excited about watching the next episode and giggled over the happy moments. The theme music is even exciting! Just a great show, I know I'm not saying it that eloquently, but I LOVED LOVED this show!!
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    Super Rookie is Super Good!
    What a funny show! This was a show I watched while relaxing and enjoyed every episode of it. Eric Mun, still my favorite. But both men were handsome and acted really well. This show gave a glimpse of the dog- eat- dog life of working in a corporation. The love triangle was different but my favorite female character got the guy (Yay!!). Great show to watch!
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    All a Matter of Taste
    Since storytelling is a form of art, it's not surprising there can be many differing opinions on a given story. While there are general rules for successful storytelling, it doesn't mean that straying from them will make for a poor story. Generally, the four primary characters saw development and growth from start to finish and the plot, while contrived, worked within the context of a romantic ...
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