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In a land of perpetual night, your heart is your light.

Amberground is locked in darkness. A man-made star casts only a dim light over the land. The pitch-black wilderness is infested with Gaichuu--colossal insects with metal exoskeletons. The Gaichuu make travel between the cities of Amberground extremely dangerous. But thankfully the Letter Bees, a brave corps of messengers, risk their lives in order to keep the hearts of Amberground connected.

Gauche Suede is on his last delivery before a big promotion. In the outskirts of Yodaka, the darkest area of Amberground, Gauche is surprised to find that the package is a young boy named Lag Seeing. Lag had been traumatized by his mother's abduction and is due to be delivered to his aunt. In this remote area rife with Gaichuu, Lag and Gauche face a dangerous journey that inspires Lag to become a Letter Bee.

Character Descriptions:

Lag Seeing voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro

The protagonist, who, as a child, was "delivered" by the Letter Bee Gauche Suede, and was inspired by him to become a Letter Bee. He is searching for his mother, who was kidnapped to the capital of the country. His left eye is made of red Spirit Amber, allowing him to better use the Shindanjuu, literally the "heart bullet gun" where he loads a "fragment of heart" into the gun, then fires Akabari (Red Needle) at the target, and also allowing him to fire a heart bullet from his own body.

Niche voiced by Ayumi Fujimura

She is “The Child of Maka,” a mysterious being both worshiped and feared in AmberGround's Northern territories. After being rescued from Gaichuu, the armored insects, by Lag, she decides to become Lag’s Dingo and travels with him. She hates wearing underwear but will only wear it for
Lag's sake.

Aria Link voiced by Ami Koshimizu

She is a beautiful and very competent sub master of the Bee Hive. Naturally, many employees at the Bee Hive adore her. She is Gauche’s childhood friend, and also appears in Gauche’s memory as his love interest. Her Spirit Amber ability is the Heart Restoration Bullet, the music she plays on her violin that has a healing effect. Her Spirit Amber attack is Beniiro no Senritsu (Crimson Melody), which is also executed from her violin.

Conner Kluff voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma

A young Letter Bee who escorted Lag to his job interview. His Dingo is a hound dog named Gus. He is an easygoing person, with quite an appetite, but also a very reliable colleague of Lag’s. His personality wins popularity over many townspeople as well. His Spirit Amber attack is Kibaku (Yellow Bomb), where he sets shards of his appetite beneath the Gaichuu and igniting them.

Gauche Suede voiced by Jun Fukuyama

A brilliant and enthusiastic Letter Bee, who tries to become the "Head Bee" (Captain of the Letter Bees) so he has enough money to help his sister and live peacefully. He uses the Nocturne #12 as his Shindanjuu, combined with his Spirit Amber attack called Kurobari (Black Needle).

Jiggy Pepper voiced by Kazuya Nakai

A Letter Bee specialized in special deliveries, whose Shindanjuu is a motorcycle. His Dingo is a hawk named Harry. A lot of young Letter Bees worship him, especially Zazie. His Spirit Amber is Gunjou, Sea Blue Ultramarine, which he executes through a Shindanjuu he carries besides his motorcycle.

Steak voiced by Naomi Nagasawa

He is Niche’s pet and live bait. He followed her from the Love Someone Down sideshow, and is very obedient to Niche. He is the last of Kapellmeister, the species that was believed to be extinct.

Sylvette Suede voiced by Nana Mizuki

Gauche’s younger sister, who is paraplegic. She lives alone, waiting for his brother’s return. Her specialty soup is notoriously unsavory, as it was compared to Gauche’s “The Three Brothers’ Soup” by Lag.

Zazie voiced by Daisuke Kishio

Lag’s colleague Letter Bee, who is very skilled at killing Gaichuu. He is blunt and short-tempered, but actually is a kind person. He is very fond of cats, and his Dingo is also a wildcat named Wasiolka. His Spirit Amber attack is Aotoge (Blue Thorn), which uses shards of his malice and vengeance toward Gaichuu who killed his parents when he was younger.

Localization Credits

Translation: Sam Pinansky
Subtitle Timing: Sam Pinansky