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    Have Watched Twice...Truly Heart-warming...Puts a Smile on Your Face!!!
    Ugly (Seo Shin-Ae) is adorable, funny & smart...her great-grandfather, Mr. Lee (Shin Goo) is also funny, blunt & child-like...her single, selfless mother, Lee Young-Shin (Gong Hyo-Jin) is dedicated to the well-being of her grandfather & daughter...Min Gi-Seo (Jang Hyuk) is a doctor that is introduced into their lives due to a heart-wrenching circumstance that changes ALL of their lives...

    It ...
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  • Marvelous Drama!!!!!!
    I liked the drama but at times found myself frustrated with the protagonist. The love usually works itself out at the end of these things and i found it to be the case as well. Children living in small towns who have a disease become like the child with cooties who noone wants to touch. But when people are rude and hurtful in the end they all comes together.
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  • This is a New Favorite
    This drama was riveting and absolutely brilliant. The actors and actresses made you forget that this is only a drama...you really began to feel the characters. It is a must see.

    The topic is a serious one and the lessons learned by the characters were something that many of us have come to grips with.

    It was truly refreshing to watch a "drama" in the true sense with people who look ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    A true Kdrama tear-jerker!
    A drama cast full of positive, lovable, and kind characters?! How can this be!? Thank You will have you fall in love with almost every character, probably not the grandma. Story is good but I can't emphasize enough about each characters qualities and how'll you'll love them without spoilers! (Spoiler, You'll be left in tears of joy.....or sorrow.....)
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