The Dragon Dentist

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    A must see! Five star rating!
    Only after one episode i am captivated! If you want something beautiful and exiting, this is the show for you!
    The drawing art and the voice acting is perfect. I am usuly not to in to the hole war aspect when it comes to anime but this one made it work with the wonderful Main story.
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  • A one of a kind story, within a familiar setting.
    This anime is a true example of how to take unoriginal/been there done that ideas and with some imagination, time, blood, sweat and tears (As well as a budget of course.) and bring them together to create truly awe-inspiring concept that will pose compelling questions about ones self, while also bringing in my opinion a spectacle that is worthy of high praise within 2017's anime lineup. (and its ...
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  • Bonkers title - Amazing anime - give it a try.
    Wow, that was something, beautifully imagined and drawn. No idea if there's any history to the idea of a dragon's teeth acting as a gateway to the afterlife but it just seems right. Pacing was good too with a
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