The Severing Crime Edge

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    An Anime with a new fighting twist
    This Anime was Recommended by Dataxnotary since i was waiting on another Anime to come out. I was first sceptically about this show because it only had 13 episodes so I knew it was either new or just didn't gain that much popularity. I always give every Anime two episodes to see if I like it or drop it, but I must admit that the way the characters interact with each other seem to pull you in ...
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    The only thing I hated was that it wasn't longer...
    I truly enjoyed this anime. It had everything I wanted: great characters, a good plot, violence, blood and a touch of sex. I wasn't disappointed. It was a little unsettling such a story line was centered around middle and high schoolers; yet that is exactly what kept my eyes glued to the TV to continue to see what happened next. Well worth my time; it would be nice to see another season...
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  • in the eye of the beholder
    it's good kind of, but i would use the phrase in the eye of the beholder. i'd use that because its only good if you think it is. so if you feel think you've got nothing to watch then this might be a good choice or if your in between show then again watch this
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    Just when you thought you had already seen the strangest anime...
    I love and have watched a lot of anime and I keep finding myself surprised every once in a while thinking that I've already seen the strangest anime only for it to topped by something new. Well this one takes the cake at the moment. It's not as if cursed objects are new or murder but there is something about this that is unique. It's strangely erotic and very much adult even though they don't use ...
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  • A very sensual series
    The plot is rather poor, the characters can vary from somewhat nuanced to entirely stereotypical, and there is censorship of violent scenes. Usually I would've stopped watching a typical anime like this, but there was one aspect of it that kept my interest, the expression of sensuality between various characters. The animation and depiction of the contact and physical comfort between characters ...
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  • It's not about the shears...
    And it's not for kids. The Severing Crime Edge is not as gory as many anime out there, but it still has plenty of morbid violence, perversion, dominance and submission to keep all you closet S&M-ers happy. It's basically a first-love dramatic romance, interesting and well-paced generally, although there are a few twists and hiccups in the plot. The male protagonist is more intelligent and has a ...
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  • Sometimes too much of an interesting concept can be a downfall.
    How to describe this show, interesting in which it tries to be too much at once. On the one hand you have this supernatural element and dark story about people who have these items called killing goods which are connected to an ancestor who was usually some sort of sociopathic killer, and on the other your usual sort of echi comedy moments. Unfortunately these kind of clash where you have moments ...
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