The Tower of DRUAGA -the Aegis of URUK-

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  • Not expexting Season 2 but would like it!
    If you love action that blends in with parts of the story then please watch this! It feels like an old school style type anime where you feel like you want to join the battle. This also has where the main actually isn't the main focus and expresses the other characters. Sure some flaws but I like it!

    Just ... lacking something and I don't know what ...
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    Cool quasi-adaptation of classic game series
    Tower of Druaga is a fantasy adventure anime referencing an 80's/early 90's game series by Namco. Elements borrowed from the source material, which was very minimalistic in storytelling department, are mostly the main premise (climbing a tower filled with monsters to kill the "evil god" Druaga, waiting on the top floor) and minor story bits/character designs. While there are many humorous ...
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