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The World is Still Beautiful

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  • a kid made my heart throb
    This anime is AMAZING. I just wanted something to watch while I ate my breakfast, but I ended up finishing it all in one day with time to spare! I could easily watch it all over again. Part of me is tempted to.

    Anyway, the characters are amazing. None of them truly annoyed me, and they were all entertaining. This has such a good mix of comedy and romance, and let me tell you, there is ACTUAL ...
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  • Musical with Action and a Serving of Plot!
    The World is Still Beautiful. I actually read the manga before I even knew that it was on Crunchyroll as an anime, actually before I even knew an anime version of it existed somewhere out there, let alone on a site I used. What drew me to this series in the first place was the original idea of music being used to summon rain and having a world where each nation is named and characterised through ...
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  • I Adore This to Eternity!!
    This anime is beautifully written and drawn. I love the story line and would be completely on board for a continuation! The mixture of comedy and serious moments is perfectly blended. The plot truly had me guessing the whole time as well. It was simple, but intricate in many details. Nike and Livi's bond was displayed in perfect moments of them fighting only to come together in the end whether ...
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  • this is my favorite anime love story
    this was an amazing anime, i was looking for something refreshing, with a great love story and this anime is that. I love how the create a trust and respect relationship and from there...love... Unconditional love plus a love that let you be who you are. Amazing, it left a warm in my heart... hopefully Crunchyroll can have the manga too!!!
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  • This is what wasted potential looks like.
    Ok... after completing the series I wasn't even planning on writing a review because surely several people had already touched on the wasted potential, convoluted mess this show was but...to my utter surprise it had almost nothing but five star ratings...WHY?!

    Ok I admit the basis around the show had me intrigued, two lands joined together by arranged marriage, a princess with mysterious ...
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  • 0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    They definitely need another season of this, especially since it's a really good anime. The more people acknowledge it the better! This anime has a bit of everything, and it's a shame it's too short. It reminds me of Kotoura-San with the shortness of it ending so quickly. Finish the anime, and we will support 110% lol. I recommend this anime to everyone I know!! <3
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  • The world is just so beautiful
    It's a tender rain.
    This may seem like any romance show but somehow it just got much more... It makes you feel so attached to the characters and really makes you see how beautiful the world really is. Even the slightest, most simple and unnoticed thing that happens on earth will seem so beautiful after you watch this.

    The name says all, this anime is indeed beautiful.
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  • Wicked yet beautiful Anime
    This anime contained many feels to it and I swear I used up at least two boxes of tissues after I was done with the anime. I did not really like the art of the anime. However, the plot took me in and was very beautiful in my opinion. The OST was very beautiful as well. However, one thing I did not really like about the anime was the fact that the anime needed more songs in each episode. The fact ...
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  • One of the best shoujos I have seen in a long while
    After all this time, I decided to finally finish The World is Still Beautiful... Oh my, I forgot why I quit watching it. I can easily give this 10/10 status. Nike is one of the most beautiful heroines I have ever laid my eyes upon, and for a 12 episode series, it was superbly paced. The music and the ambiance of the series really set the tone and the mood of the show. But the biggest thing was how ...
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  • Exceeded expections!
    I really wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this series with a younger male love interest. I watched the first two episodes and wasn't wowed and left it alone for a few months, then came back to give it another try.

    Once the series starts going, you realize how well-rounded the characters are. Nike is a reluctant princess and they stick to her character, no matter what situation she ...
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