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    This show is 'meh' at best
    You start off the show not really knowing anything about why the main character is in the situation he's end and by the end you figure out why. That's pretty much all that makes sense with this show. You start off thinking this is a show about solving murder mysteries and end up with a battle between two "gods" or something like that. Yeah, I'm kinda sorry I actually watched the entire thing.
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    The moonlight steeped in silentness
    Theoretically this is a mystery show but it's an stunningly incompetent and incoherent one. There are competing government agencies that supposedly interfere with each other but only appear to spout a few lines and vanish. There's a big-brother style government that's just one guy in a chair and some cameras. There's a Japan devastated by terrorist attack but except for some ruined buildings and ...
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  • I can't believe this was only one season!!!!!
    The characters are fantastic and the story is amazing. Inga and Yuuki are the perfect crime solving pair. The relationship between Inga and Yuuki is so unique, I don't even know if a I could adequately describe it. The OVA explains how they met and the season had a well-written ending,but I think there should be more. Guess I'll just have to pray the studio come back to continue this one one day ...
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  • Absolutely Amazing!!!
    I LOVED THIS SERIES! the idea that the detective solved all these insane cases is pretty insane but think about who could write like this..... holy crap, definitely an absolute must watch in my book. there is not another series like this one. i just wish i could find inga's hat
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  • An Intellectual Anime and Well Written Mystery
    It is rare, but they do exist. The premise of this story is that an outstanding detective has an assistant who forces someone to answer one question. She can only ask once however. It is strongly recommended you follow the episodes in order, though a couple of the arcs stand alone by themselves.

    The largest criticism of this anime is that it seems rushed. It seems like they could have ...
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